★★Films Shown at JGSS 2022★★

Films to be shown at the JGSS FILM FESTIVAL 2022 (http://www.jgss.jp/) on November 14, 15, and 16, 2022, We are pleased to introduce to you the film line-up!

★Full Length Screening

●Crayon Shin-chan: Visitor from Outer Space

●NINJA BOYS Quest for the Cosmic Front☆ Shutter Chance at Saturn’s Tour

●The Dinosaur Super World

●Space Symphony


●Look Up at the Starry Sky

●Dr. Nyanko’s: Mystery of the Messenger from Space

●Starry Aquarium




●Shimajiro: Adventures on Magic Island

●Incredible Zorori! LaLaLa♪Star is Born


●Ganko-chan: What if Mt. Fuji Erupted?

●Asteroid Quest

●Ocean Odyssey

●Animal Kingdom


Please stay tuned for more!