Announcing the second round of films that will be shown at the JGSS FILM FESTIVAL 2017 ( on November 13, 14, and 15, 2017!


★First Announcement

●NINJA BOYS Quest for the Cosmic Front☆ Friends in the Solar System⇒

●COSMIC FRONT Search for the Dark Matter!⇒

●The Earth is a Round and Round Merry-Go-Round⇒

●planetarian~A Small Star’s Dream~Planetarium Special Editionplanetarian~⇒

●Planetarium Microcosm Transcending Time and Space⇒

●TYRANNOSAURUS The Strongest Dinosaur The Mystery of their Evolution⇒


●NINJA BOYS Quest for the Cosmic Front☆ Moon Rabbit and his Craters⇒

●JURASSIC HEROES ~Guardians of the Starry Sky~⇒


★Second Announcement (Both films below will  be trailers)

●Incredible Zorori The Secret of ZZ⇒

●Crayon Shin-chan Seven Wonders of the School and Starry Sky!⇒

We will also be showing more trailers of films that will be releasing 2018!