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The Great Study of Dinosaurs


38min ver.

Release: 2016

Theme:Evolution of dinosaurs
Point:Featuring many dinosaurs

Dinosaurs, once rulers of the earth, achieved the greatest prosperity in the history of life. Their ecology is still a mystery. As excavations are being conducted all over the world, what do they reveal about dinosaurs? What is the world in which they evolved while also fighting with their crocodilian ancestors? What is the feathered dinosaur that overturned the conventional wisdom? A wide variety of dinosaur data including Sinosauropteryx, Dilong, Microraptor, Mei long, Saltasaurus, Carnotaurus, and Edmontonia will be explained. In addition to dinosaurs, animals that lived in prehistoric times are also introduced. Using various CGI as well as images taken at excavation sites, we’ll guide visitors through the history of dinosaurs from their birth to their extinction.