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Colorful Sun Tour

©Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center

23min ver.

Release: 2016

Theme:The mystery behind color
Point:An interactive planetarium film that feels like you’re on a spaceship

The film is set in a world where technology has advance for space travel to be a common thing and several airlines offer a variety of space tours. Among them, Helios Airlines, a long-established airline, proposes the "Colorful Sun Tour" that takes you on a tour to the sun at a very reasonable price. Why is the sky blue? Why are rainbows colorful? And, why are we able to see the aurora? All answers lie within the sun! Character design by Akatsuki Chota, who is in charge of live production for Japanese pop band "SEKAI NO OWARI," and 3DCG production by Takuya Kouzai, who created the CGI for the One Piece Tokyo Tower event will take you on a wonderful sun tour you won’t forget!