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Beautiful Earth BELLA GAIA

©2014 Kenji Williams , Remedy Arts LLC

24min ver.

Release: 2016

Theme:The Earth as seen from space
Point:The beautiful symphony of music by Kenji Williams and the earth

Bella Gaia means "Beautiful Earth”. Through the words of astronauts stationed on ISS (International Space Station), you’ll learn about the Earth and the universe from a perspective you have never seen before. Enjoy the beautiful music of Kenji Williams, magnificent NASA space images, and wonderful scenes created by nature, and be soothed by an extraordinary world. The film also discusses the creation of the earth, the development of civilization through the birth of mankind, and changes in the earth's environment. This film is the winner of Best Film award at Fiske Fulldome Festival, Best Music award at Macau International Fulldome Festival, and the finalist of the Jackson Hole Science Media Award.