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DETECTIVE CONAN (CASE CLOSED) The Magician of Starlight


25min ver.

Release: 2012

Theme:JAXA's Space Development
Point:Popular animated series brought to the planetariums

JAXA holds a major exhibition to present the results of its space exploration to date and the centerpiece of the exhibition is the "Celestial Sphere of Radiance," a solar system globe made entirely of gemstones, which is a treasure provided by Jirokichi Suzuki. However, a warning notice from Phantom Thief Kid comes and Kogoro Mouri is asked to guard it. Conan and the Detective Boys arrive at JAXA with Kogoro but while listening to astronaut Chinatsu Mukoda and researcher Dr. Sakamoto’s results of space exploration, the area suddenly blacks out and an emergency alarm goes off! Will they be able to catch Kid? The confrontation between Conan and Kid unfolds under the star-filled sky as the popular Detective Conan (Case Cloesed) series comes to the planetariums!