Nyanchu! Planetariumchu!

Seasonal Constellations

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Seasonal Constellations


More than 30 years after its first appearance on TV, Nyanchu has ventured into planetariums for the first time!

15min ver.


Nyanchu, who has been a beloved character for over 30 years since his TV debut, is making his first appearance in the planetarium!


This time, we will delve into the charm of constellations visible in each season: spring, summer, fall, and winter. "The starry sky seen from Earth is the best, nya." "It's as beautiful as jewels, Bela!" Nyanchu, an Earth cat living on the moon, and Belabora, an alien, dream of camping on Earth and make the long journey from the moon to Earth. On a pitch-dark night, they look up from their tent to see a sky full of stars! Enjoy the stories of each season and join Nyanchu and friends for a delightful adventure!