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Crayon Shin-chan Visitor from Outer Space

©Yoshito Usui / Futabasha Publishers Ltd., SHIN-EI ANIMATION Co., Ltd., TV Asahi, ADK

25min ver.

Release: 2022

Theme:Extraterrestrial life, exoplanet, solar system
Point:Directed by Akira Shigino, the director of “Crayon Shin-chan: Super-dimensional! My bride that Calls for the Storm

One day, Shinnosuke and his friends from the Kasukabe Defense Squad discover a crop circle on a riverbed. There they meet a beautiful girl who is looking for something. Shinnosuke and his friends decide to help search for it together, but the she was keeping a big secret! By chance, they get on a UFO and suddenly go into outer space! Let's learn about the solar system, the habitable zone, and exoplanets with the Kasukabe Defense Squad! But will they be able to return to Earth safely? Their great adventure into space is about to begin!