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MOSASAURUS King of the Sea Dinosaurs

Production/Distribution: D&D Pictures, Footage provided by: NHK, Production Support: NHK Enterprises

25min ver.

38min ver.

Release: 2020

Theme:Sea Dinosaurs, Ecology of Mosasaurs
Point:Dinosaurs coming to life with powerful 4K CGI!

Surrounding the mystery of the oceans during the age of the dinosaurs, latest research has revealed that sea-dwelling creatures evolved in a completely different way than dinosaurs. How did Mosasaurs, the most powerful sea dinosaur reigning at the pinnacle of the dinosaurs, achieve a prosperity rarely seen in the history of life on earth? The key to solving this mystery lies within the way they raised their hatchlings! This film dives 30 million years back to depict the drama of the strongest sea dinosaur.