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The New Great Dinosaur March


25min ver.

35min ver.

Release: 2018

Theme:Dinosaurs, dinosaurs of Japan
Point:CGI visuals that will blow you away. Easy-to-understand explanations for children.

The battle for survival between Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops, Tambatitanis and Tyrannosaurus along other dinosaurs are brought to life through ultra-high definition CGI! A kingdom of dinosaurs once existed in Japan and the Tambatitanis was one of the largest dinosaurs in the history of Japan, being over 10 meters in overall length. We discovered that the Tambatitanis lived a very slow and relaxing life, not moving so much. How did they achieve a slow life in the dinosaur world of the weak and the strong? In addition, the latest research has revealed the mysteries of Tyrannosaurus! Dinosaurs, from their birth to their prosperity and extinction, will be introduced to children in an easy-to-understand fulldome film!