The Earth is a Round and Round Merry-Go-Round

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Constellations and Earth's Rotation


A fun and joyful film for the planetarium

21min ver.


When the kids go to sleep at night... it's time for the toys to have little free time of their own. One night, the stuffed animals, Bear, Goat and Unicorn, realize that their appearance is different from what is illustrated on an animal book. What are we? The clue lies within the starry sky and merry-go-round! Let’s have a peak at the wondrous party by three cute and fun stuffed animals! The voice actors are Tomoko Kaneda from "Bottom Biting Bug" and Ikue Otani, the voice of Chopper from the TV and movie series "ONE PIECE". Characters designs by popular illustrator Yurie Sekiya, animated by Chota Akatsuki, and directed by Takuya Kozai